Resuming Eden: A Utopian Romance

Resuming Eden: A Utopian Romance

Aahana will keep her family safe and together—
with or without Matt’s help.

She wants to keep her family safe.
He thinks the enemy can be trusted.
Will they join their hearts in this utopian tomorrow?

Santa Cruz country, sixty-six months after The Square arrived. Aahana will do anything to protect her post-war family. So when she’s ripped from the safety of their bunker by the same alien who murdered her father and now holds her 13-year-old daughter, her instincts scream resist. But her heart’s divided when her bunker landlord shows unexpected changes. What has come over Matt?

Matt spent the past sixty-six months trying to win Aahana’s heart. With his close friend vouching for the alien—though looking years younger—he’s certain they have nothing to fear. But his stubborn girlfriend is on the path to destruction if she won’t follow the new rules. Can I save Aahana?

Despite Aahana’s growing distrust and Matt’s sense of belonging, the two survivors begin to trust each other as they meet again in paradise. But even as Matt declares his trust in their alien overlord, Aahana’s secret rebellion threatens to tear the lovers apart.

Can Aahana and Matt build a bright tomorrow for their camp and their budding partnership?

Resuming Eden is a sweet utopian romance. If you like strong heroines, opposites attract love stories, and a dash of near-future speculative fiction, then you’ll adore M Brown’s post-apocalyptic saga.

Resuming Eden is a higher value book at double the length of many romance stories. Read the first chapter below, or browse over to Resuming Eden on Amazon (the link will open in a new window) to download a Free Sample to your Kindle.

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